Strategic Consulting

Crone Consulting, LLC has provided strategic consulting assistance to the largest entities in the mobile commerce and payments value chain.  Our clients represent all facets of the mobile and payment ecosystems including:

    • Many of the nation’s largest merchants and very large recurring billers, both from a virtual and physical remittance & physical point of sale (POS) viewpoints
    • Numerous financial institutions, investment firms, brokerages and many of the largest debit, credit & pre-paid card issuers globally
    • Payment card associations and cooperatively owned payment networks
    • Proprietary debit, PIN and ATM-based network operators
    • Managed network operators and wireless carriers, many of them ranking as the largest entities in the world
    • Core application processors for retailers, billers and financial institutions
    • Mobile handset and other component, chip and device manufacturers
    • Systems integrators, technology providers & payment start-ups
    • Private label credit card, prepaid and gift card processors and associated billing service providers for these entities
    • Numerous alternative payment providers including the largest deployed Internet-based options
    • Numerous large financial institutions and merchant acquirer processors
    • Trade associations, biller and merchant consortiums representing all stakeholders


The diagram below illustrates our comprehensive 360° view based on our client base.

Founded by Richard K. Crone, a noted expert in the payments business for over 30 years, Crone Consulting LLC helps companies unlock the power of mobile and electronic payments to create strategic advantage in the financial services and retail marketplace. 

Managing Partner Heidi Liebenguth with a team of expert specialists bring extensive current experience in mobile customer self-service and shopping, mobile banking and payments, as well as all forms of electronic payments.  Crone Consulting, LLC, offers a wealth of knowledge to financial institutions, retailers, data processors, mobile carriers, payments providers and investors.

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